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Lazy isn’t the word

It’s funny what kind of creations laziness can produce… This made up dish popped into my head after coming home from an extremely long day at uni. To me, forcing students to wake up for a 7:30am lecture is breaking some kind of human rights somewhere, surely? LOL! Thank God I actually enjoy what I… Continue reading Lazy isn’t the word

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…You only live once (carpe diem) has been posted around social media for a while now. It’s funny because that’s often exactly how I approach dishes I’ve never tried before. I find it exciting trying new things and experimenting with different flavours. So please bare that in mind when you continue reading this post LOL…… Continue reading YOLO

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Thyme to eat…

I am blessed to be studying at university in a group that as a whole are very driven and tenacious, but another similarity we share is our love ofย food. If you were not hungry you are bound to be after spending a few minutes with us. The phrase you’ll hear throughout the day is “I’m… Continue reading Thyme to eat…

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Winter comfort food!

Can someone please explain to me where the year has gone? I probably say this alot, but for real, 2015 is almost a blur to me. I have this theory that once you’ve reached about halfway-you know to about July (ish) the year is practically over LOL. The festive season is just in it’s infancy… Continue reading Winter comfort food!