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The new year = perfect excuse for overindulgence

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Where has the time gone, eh? One minute I’m enjoying my Summer walking along the sandy beaches of Spain next I’m shivering, wrapped in multiple layers as the January blues hit. I just don’t get it. It would be nice if it would slow down a… Continue reading The new year = perfect excuse for overindulgence

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Scottish sweets 😋

Statistics suggest that the British consume over 160 million cups of tea a day. That’s at least 60 billion cups a year!  (UK Tea & Infusions Association)   It’s unbelievable how much this creation of Chinese origin has gripped the hearts of Brits. But. I have a confession to make… I don’t like black tea… Continue reading Scottish sweets 😋

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Channeling St George and the dragon…

Boy, am I absolutely knackered (lol)!!! Baking a cake can take alot out of you but this one was an absolute dragon beast. It turns out that despite there being three of us, making a cake with three distinct layers, frosting and decorations was not going to be easy. The things you do for friends,… Continue reading Channeling St George and the dragon…

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Cheesecake galore

Most kids if you gave them a choice between fruits and a packet of sweets, it’s inevitable that the vast majority will pick the sweets, wide-eyed and full of glee. However, given the choice between fruits of varied colours and origins, from peaches to grapes I pretty much doubt they’d give the citrus fruits the… Continue reading Cheesecake galore


Baking with the girls!

Sometimes the best things in life are the simple things: having a long “chin-wag” with your girlfriends, delectable nibbles and snacks and a nice hot cup of coco (and whipped cream lol)!!!! So in the spirit of things a couple of us decided to bake a cake which turned out light, fluffy and oh so… Continue reading Baking with the girls!