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Lazy isn’t the word

It’s funny what kind of creations laziness can produce…

This made up dish popped into my head after coming home from an extremely long day at uni. To me, forcing students to wake up for a 7:30am lecture is breaking some kind of human rights somewhere, surely? LOL! Thank God I actually enjoy what I do despite not setting foot back into my apartment until minutes to 5.

As expected, I was absolutely knackered so all I managed to do was force my non-compliant body to adhere to the planned workout regimen for today, have a wash and catch up on the Grammys! I must confess: the plan today was to actually get some revision done before bedtime but I write this at minutes to 9 so we can only pray and hope about that one. (Fingers crossed…)

So, as you probably guessed, I couldn’t really be asked to spend hours prepping ingredients for tonight’s dinner and I wasn’t about to order takeout either so I ended up coming up with this:

(Taking into account what I’ve posted so far I think this is officially the easiest recipe I’ve put together. In short, this involves opening up a couple tins and literally chucking together humble ingredients that make a casserole dish fit for the winter blues).

TIP: For added protein I’d advise adding some cubes of beef fillets to the mix. Should you decide not to, you should get some kind of iron boost from the spinach as well as a protein hit from the beans.

The winter snow persists…

Mixed bean casserole

1 can of kidney beans (include half the water)

1 can of butter beans, drained

1 cup of beef/vegetable stock

1 tsp black pepper, ground

1 tsp sugar/sweet chilli

3 bay leaves, dried

1 tsp thyme, fresh

1 tbsp butter

1 tbsp distilled vinegar

1 handful of button mushrooms, washed

2-3 handfuls of spinach/kale, washed


Step 1: Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius cover with foil and bake for 45 minutes.

Step 2: Remove the cover and bake for a further 10-15 minutes.

Step 3: Eat!



Hope you’ve enjoyed this post guys and we will talk soon.


p.s To all the lovebirds out there I wish you a beautiful Valentine’s day in advance :-p



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