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The new year = perfect excuse for overindulgence


Where has the time gone, eh?

One minute I’m enjoying my Summer walking along the sandy beaches of Spain next I’m shivering, wrapped in multiple layers as the January blues hit. I just don’t get it. It would be nice if it would slow down a bit but what can we do? You just have to enjoy every minute the best you can really.

Okay, I admit that it’s not the most exciting of intros but if you haven’t already deduced I try to keep my blog posts as real as possible so I hope you still appreciate this adherence to authenticity. As one of my friends often says it’s not everyday candy floss and rainbows!

On another note, I am blessed to be able to see the next chapter that is 2017 and am excited for the things and opportunities in store. I would also like to thank all my loyal readers as well as those who even continue to follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Both social media sites have grown and I am extremely grateful for that.

So as a treat I thought I’d upload a recipe I put together on New Year’s Day.

So let us begin…

Over the last few years it has become a tradition of mines to put together a three course meal for New Years dinner.  I love the prep, the challenge and of course the happy faces and satisfied bellies that result. It makes me smile when people enjoy my cooking so I relish the chance to do so.

New Year’s menu 2017

Appetizer: Bacon and onion tart and a tomato/rocket salad

Main: Roast chicken breast fillets with bell peppers, winter veg and thyme potatoes

Dessert: Apple crumble with a hint of mixed spice

The main was pretty much similar to my chicken recipe which can be found here:

The beautiful pieces of chicken marinated in herbs and spices

img-20170103-wa0004img-20170103-wa0003In regards to the crumble, you can use any recipe of your choice and you don’t have to just use apples. Try pears or even mix fruits. Don’t be afraid of experimentation, trust me!

For me I prefer a thicker crumble layer than most crumble recipes and often add lemon juice and vanilla to the apples (as well as cinnamon/mixed spice and brown sugar) and sometimes I even dust the top with a bit of extra brown sugar and even oats. (But to tell you the truth a lot of my family are not really into having oats added to their crumble so I left that out this time or all hell would’ve broken loose lol). img-20170103-wa0001

Luckily I managed to put together the recipe for the appetizer so I hope you’ll like this one:

Bacon and onion tartIMG-20170103-WA0014.jpg

(Shortcrust pastry)

250g plain flour

120g cold butter

1/2 tsp salt

1-2 tbsp cold water


2 tbsp butter

5 onions, thinly sliced

2 rashers of bacon, diced

300ml double cream

2 eggs

50g Parmesan cheese

Salt and pepper, to taste


The quick option is to throw the dry ingredients into a food processor for about 10 seconds until you get a breadcrumb-like texture.

Or this can also be done by hand by using your fingertips.

Pour this into a bowl, add water gradually and bring the ingredients together until a dough is formed.

Knead, cover with cling film and refrigerate for at least 15 minutes.


Preheat the oven to 200C.

Roll out the pastry with a little bit of flour and line the tin of your choice as long as the tin is at least 3.5cm deep. (I used a square that is 4cm deep and 20x20cm).

Blind bake for 10-15 minutes.

Preheat a frying pan and add the butter. Saute the onions at a low heat until softened. Add the bacon in the last few minutes.

Beat the double cream, eggs, cheese, salt and pepper.

Place the bacon and onions into the blind baked pastry and then spoon in the mixture.

Bake for 20-25 minutes until browned.

Serve with green salad.


Until next time…


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