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En route to España…

It’s been a very physically and mentally straining year but thanks be to God I have managed to finish another year at university. This trip was well deserved, if I don’t say so myself lolzzzz.

I spent just under a week visiting various parts of Spain including Lloret de Mar, Blanes and Girona. We went via Heathrow airport, landed in Girona airport and the journey was relatively short equating to under 2 hours. We arrived to temperatures in the high 20s but thankfully it wasn’t too humid. As I say to my friends all the time, I don’t mind dry heat but it’s the wet heat that gets me. I hate that uncomfortable and sticky feeling you experience with increased humidity.

Girona airport is approximately 70 miles from Barcelona and situated within the Catalonian region of Spain. Evidently, this area of Spain boasts historical architecture and a subtropical climate. It was enjoyable driving along the motorways and taking in the breathtaking views-the vast and crystal blue mountains, Spanish greenery and ancient constructions.


Girona, Spain


Our hotel was located in Blanes, Costa Brava and is well known for being a travel hotspot for families and individuals looking for a relaxing and calm holiday. It is a gorgeous area where you are never too far away from affordable, chic restaurants and of course the beautiful beach. This particular area of Spain has had a long history of the fishing trade and so as you walk along the beach you will observe fishing boats and small yachts. If you are not a person who gets seasick, like me then you should definitely try a boat tour when you visit because I suspect that would be stunning.

Some of my fav snaps of the hotel…

Not to mention the swimming pools!

You cannot go to Spain and not explore the beautiful beaches with the golden sand and serene blue waters. Absolutely phenomenal!

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Walking along the streets of Blanes and Lloret de Mar…


Aren’t these flower gorge!




Beautiful flowers captured outside a French restaurant


Some of my fav outfits from my trip away…


Bought this beauty in Spain

We also went on a tour on a train provided by panoramic blanes and was able to get a glimpse of the Costa Brava area and view the Blanes coastline including the local shops, fishing port and camping sites. It costs 5 euros per person if you want to just have a tour of the area.


The train we boarded for the tour


Nice to appreciate the architecture


It was a joy to watch the 2016 edition of the annual international fireworks competition in Blanes — officially named El Focs de Blanes or Concurs Internacional de Focs. My favourite day was the 22nd July with such a spectacular display of pyrotechnics.  I used this opportunity to play around with my camera and do some interesting shots of the light hitting the lense in various directions. Might seem quite weird to some people but I find abstract photography such as this enjoyable to make. To me, it’s a nice way of distorting the reality of the shot and capturing something quite original!

We ended the trip with spending a day at Marineland located in Lloret de Mar and watched two shows-one with sea lions and the other with dolphins. These creatures are so intelligent and a pleasure to watch.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall it was lovely break away and I look forward to many more.

Will talk soon


p.s There may be another travel blog post coming sooner rather than later. Only time will tell!!!


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