Sweet treat ❤

 I haven’t uploaded a dessert-based blog post in a while so here it goes…

When it’s Pancake Day or when my family has a craving, do not look at me to make them. In the many times pancakes have rolled out our kitchen, nine times out of ten, one of my siblings have taken over that role. I have no idea why, but they tend to do most of the baking. Thank God though because they always seem to make them taste so good and their pleasurable aroma can be detected throughout the house.

However, having moved away from home to study, the tradition still remains. Therefore it has ended up falling to me to “reinvigorate” an interest in the culinary art of a good pancake. LOL

How it happened…

Last week Tuesday I had just returned home from my first day back, after watching TV and catching up with a couple friends they reminded me that it was Shrove Tuesday. I was taken aback because as always I underestimated the speed at which it would come round this year. Instantaneously, it spurred my craving for some pancakes, particularly some fluffy American-style ones as opposed to French crêpes.

Thankfully years of trying to sneakily steal some pancakes without detection whilst stacks of them were being prepared by my brother or sister, has given me some awareness of how to make them. Therefore, in this case my cheeky personality has proven to be a very helpful quality.


Chocolate chip pancakes with camerilised bananas

150g  self raising flour

100g milk chocolate chips

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp salt

2-3 tbsp sugar

1 tsp baking powder

2 medium eggs, lightly whisked

2 tbsp butter, melted

Sift the dry ingredients into a bowl and lightly whisk the eggs with the milk and melted butter in an additional bowl.

Pour this into the dry ingredients and whisk until a batter is formed, smooth in consistency.

Mix in the chocolate chips until evenly distributed.

Leave to sit for 5 minutes.

Place a knob of butter within a saucepan at a medium heat and use a ladle to place a serving of batter.

Leave until the top of the pancake begins to bubble and turn over with a spatula. The pancakes are ready to eat when both sides are golden brown.


Confessions of a serial eater: For me, when it’s time to make them I feel no way guilty in going all out. I like to have mines with a bit of whipped cream, ice cream and some caramelised fruits such as strawberries or bananas. Now this is where working out before makes sense because you’re bound to need that extra boost in metabolism in order to absorb all that sublime goodness. But as my Mum says “everything in moderation.”

There is nothing wrong with treating yourself once in a while and Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday) or even Valentine’s Day is certainly a good enough excuse to do so, I’d say!!!

2 bananas, peeled and sliced diagonally

50g brown sugar

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

2 tbsp milk

knob of butter

Place a saucepan on the hob at a medium heat and add the sugar, milk and vanilla essence until a brown caramel forms.

Place the bananas around the pan, followed by the butter and cook for 1 minute, turning over at least twice.

pancakes 2
Serve with whipped/ice cream


We’ll talk soon 🙂


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