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Confessions: Eating out…

I have to be brutally honest and confess the fact that I do not cook everyday! Once in a while I like to go out and eat with my friends and try new things. So at the weekend we decided to be lazy and treat ourselves to dinner at a recently opened restaurant called Fancy Restaurant ( The restaurant is based in Mall Plovdiv, Bulgaria surrounded by various other food establishments (most of which specialise in fast food) and serves a variety of international cuisines particularly Italian and French.The minute we walked in we were immediately amazed at the modern decor, high ceilings and soothing ambiance. The service was top-notch and the staff made you seem like no matter what you asked for (or on the rare occasion you were not happy) that they would be willing to cater for your need. Definitely service with a smile! For me impeccable service is a quintessential part of a great dining experience no matter how wonderful the dish is, so I was satisfied.
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 Club sandwich: Toasted brown bread, chicken pieces, lettuce, tomato, bacon, mayonnaise and cheese (served with a side of fries)
I chose not to push too far out of my comfort zone which, I must say, is not a usual occurrence-going with the well known club sandwich and french fries. The sandwich was relatively simple, as expected, but I particularly enjoyed the malty, nuttiness of the brown bread used. I did find the sandwich a tad dry but this could be easily rectified with additional mayonnaise. I must say that the highlight of the dish was in fact the french fries. They were absolutely delicious- perfectly salted, crispy and fluffy in the middle and not greasy at all. These babies could get you into trouble because you’ll find yourself eating them and later contemplating purchasing another portion. Furthermore, they complemented the freshness of the salad tomatoes and club lettuce well and did not overpower the saltiness of the bacon.

Overall it was a pleasant evening spent with my friends in a nice atmosphere. Try it out guys!

Costanza xxx


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