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Welcome to my blog :)

Why a blog now? And why a food blog?

I have been an avid cook for a few years now who’s never afraid to try new things when it comes to cooking or baking. What certainly doesn’t help is my “unhealthy” obsession with food programmes. I find myself in awe at the screen, mentally ticking off the ingredients I have at home in order to see if that dish was a possibility. However if I had to some up what I like best of all, it would be turning basic everyday ingredients into a taste symphony that awakens your guest’s senses so much so that they cannot help but enjoy it. That is what cooking is to me and I want to share these ideas with others.


Why the name “Amuse Bouche”?

This french phrase actually means “mouth-pleaser” and refers to dishes given as a mere glimpse into the array of dishes and culinary techniques of a chef. Effectively, it’s a way of presenting your heart, personality and flair in such a manner that the guests are left wanting more.

This is the way I think about food. To me, food expierementation should be adventurous, fun and of course delicious!!! And there is no reason why you cannot achieve those same results in your kitchen. So join me on this quest to explore the cuisines of the world in the comfort of your own home.

Costanza xxx


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