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“Turn your hands and make fashion!”

It is so funny how your parents can have go-to catchphrases for any circumstance lol. One of my Mum’s favourite is “turn your hands and make fashion.” Now I am guessing that you have paused reading for a moment, perplexed and are wondering if you should read on.

Here’s what I mean:

Basically when you are designing something, cooking or anything else creative it means that often you have enough in front of you to make something so amazing that it was never made before. From new gastronomy techniques to well-known couture pieces they all started somewhere and it is these momentary bursts of originality that inspire.

Hayden Williams: British Fashion Illustrator & Designer

This is the kind of logic I often like to apply to how I cook. Often you have some ingredients (hopefully not growing mould in your fridge from months of neglect), that are just sitting there, when you have a possible gourmet feast on your hands! ย This is why I decided to raid the shelves and see what I could find.

Long grain rice and tinned chickpeas in salt water

Marinated chicken wings with thyme, lemon and a sweet/sour sauceย 

Grilled chicken wings

Dinner is served:

The chicken wings were marinated in onions, garlic, thyme, chicken seasoning, black pepper and chilli powder for about an hour. I normally would have marinated the meat over night but this was just me being lazy lol.

Whilst that was marinating I decided to make the sauce for the wings with ketchup, a dash of brown sugar, honey, Chinese 5 spice, jerk seasoning, soy sauce and lemon to taste. Half was used to add to the marinated chicken until evenly coated and then grilled for about 20-25 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius. I re-coated the wings with the remaining sauce halfway through.

The chickpea rice involved using some of the juice from the wings and frying it along with some oil, cumin powder, chilli powder, curry powder, tumeric and a touch of garam masala for a few seconds being careful not to burn the mixture. The pre-washed long grain rice and a handful of chickpeas were then added and topped up with boiled water until it was about one inch above the rice. This was then covered, brought to a boil, turned down to a low heat, covered with foil and allowed to simmer for about 30 minutes. But make sure you check the rice as the timings can change greatly depending on the type of hob used.

The finished article: Finger lickin’ chicken wings with chickpea rice

The dish was inspired by Pan-Asian cuisine and so if you are looking for big flavours then this is a recipe for you!!!

Costanza xxx


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